The Committed Story...

"Motivation is what gets you started,
that's what keeps you going"

 The Committed Crew started as an idea for myself, when I was just starting on YouTube, and I wasn't seeing the growth or success I wanted. I told myself to Stay Committed to the idea of making it, go with the ideas I had in my head, and let them take me where I imagine myself going. 1 year & 14 thousand + subscribers later, I have seen steady growth that I can say came only from the Commitment I have given to the channel & that is the idea that powers my brand, "The Committed Crew". We are a crew of like minded people who all understand that there is only one way to get what you desire and that is to commit to whatever it is that will get you there. No matter how far away the dream seems or how hard or long the road looks, anything you want is attainable.

Now go get it, and STAY COMMITTED!

-Robbie Ferreira